Chalk Art Compilation | Quarantine Art

I’m not one for exercise, but lately, the thing that’s been keeping me sane during quarantine is daily (social-distant compliant) walks through the neighborhood. The

How The Signs Are Spending Quarantine

How The Signs Are Spending Quarantine

In the spirit of quarantine memes and zodiac content, I give you, how the signs act while in quarantine. You’re welcome. Aries: Keeps telling themselves

Out of Context Classroom Assignments

It was halfway through my final paper for my management course that I realized one glaring sentence in particular looked suspicious out of context.So I

top 10 places i wanna see before i die

Top 10 Places I Want to See Before I Die

The average American woman lives to be about 82, if you believe what Wikipedia tells you. Although, sometimes I think my current candy corn consumption

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