9  Terrible Things That Could Actually Happen if We Lose Net Neutrality

I’ll admit, I’m not exactly the most up-to-date on technology. I forget to update my phone constantly (or sometimes just ignore it altogether) and I’m still not 100% sure what my international data plan means.But net neutrality is so important, even someone as tech-challenged as me can get it.

So if this is new to you, rest assured, I gotcha. John Oliver put together two fantastic segments that’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Okay, terrified yet?

It can be kind of difficult to grasp the awful effects of what will happen if we lose net neutrality. So I’m going listicle style to help break it down. These are all very real, very frightening things that are definite possibilities if the FCC pulls the plug.

1. Corporations could hide content. Are Mint Oreos made from expired toothpaste and lost hope? If we lose net neutrality, we may never know.

2. You can’t catch up on whatever SNL skits you missed the other night because YouTube is blocked.

3. Verizon will have even more money to continue to make terrible ads.

4. You’ll be unable to escape those terrible ads.

5. ​Providers will slow down Netflix speeds right as the twist to “Stranger Things” is about to happen.

6. Not only will Comcast continue to exist, they’ll also become more profitable.

7. We’ll most definitely see more of this smug guy, who, as John Oliver pointed out, carries around an oversized Reese’s mug because Earth is cruel.

8. ​You’ll never know if Obama tweets another Biden meme because now you have to pay for Twitter.

9. ​Using a giant, ancient encyclopedia for your 17-page research paper instead of Internet sources because that also costs money.

​I kid, but this is a very real and very serious issue.

Time to act. Save the Internet (and by default) my blog. I’m counting on you!


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