The Prague Blog: When Things Go Wrong

This latest post is around 1,000 years late because did you know MacBook trackpads can malfunction? I sure didn’t. Now I know. Fixing my spazzed

The Prague Blog: 5 Days in France

I’ve never left the continent in my life. So when the opportunity arose for me to travel, it might have been wise to get my

Adventure is out there!

One of my favorite movies in the world is “Up.” I could watch that movie hundreds of times and never grow tired of it.My favorite

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

  ***WARNING: This post discusses mental health and suicide, which some people may find disturbing.*** Chris Cornell was an extraordinarily talented musician. Indisputably. Co-founding an

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more hidden figures who also need movies

Badass women are everywhere in history, tearing down social structures the way Jonathan Scott tears down non-load bearing walls on “Property Brothers.” Three of these