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Blogging Photography Class: Part ten

I’m late to the party on updating this one. Mostly because this assignment screwed all of us over. Ever tried to make a stop motion

Final Thoughts on my Final Semester

A few weeks ago, this gem showed up in my inbox.  I commend the Arts and Sciences department for their detail, although if they really

Blogging Photography Class: part eight

And I thought motion blur was a frustrating week. Light painting is the coolest element of photography that will leave you tearing your hair out

Blogging Photography Class: Part six

This week features both the best and worst photos I’ve ever taken. Capturing motion blur is like that. It was endlessly frustrating and also incredibly

Blogging Photography Class: Part five

This week’s lesson was a bit off kilter. We left the Auto setting forever (thank God) in exchange for messing with white balance. I took

Blogging Photography Class: Part four

This week’s photograph’s featured a vast location contrast; one was shot at an underground bar that used to be a speakeasy, the other… was shot

Blogging Photography Class: Part three

This week, we tackled three composition elements at once. Which basically means that today is your lucky day… you’re getting three photos for the price

Blogging Photography Class: Part two

This week in class we tackled the Golden Ratio, which is both a method of composing your photograph and the ideal amount of butter on

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