How to help the separated immigrant children (especially if you live in KC)


If the “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, cries of kids being separated or photos like this broke your heart… then congrats on being a human with a conscience.More confusing, however, is how exactly you can stop this atrocity. This is where things get a little dicey.

So let me help.

Here’s a list for my nation-wide folks.

Now, for my KC-based activists.

Keep Families Together Act

While Trump has signed an executive order, we’re not in the clear just yet. This bill would protect families seeking asylum. No more breaking families apart. It has 48 Senate co-sponsors, we only need 3 more.For my Kansans…

​And my Missourians (McCaskill has already co-sponsored)…
​And if you really wanna be blunt, just demand that your Senator put an end to the zero-tolerance policy. Easy peasy.
Donating Your Items
This one is a little tricky, based on a recent Facebook post from The Villages Inc., the Topeka organization housing these children.
But here’s their contact info. Check and see if they need anything specific. El Centro is handling donations.
Donating Your Money
This place. Funnel all your money here. They’re wonderful. Immigrants aren’t given the right to an attorney if they can’t afford one, and it has dire consequences.That’s where Deportation Defense Legal Network (DDLN) comes in. From their page, “Your contribution to DDLN makes it possible for detainees to receive the legal representation they deserve, keeping families united and assuring that the rule of law is maintained.”

Check that you’re still a registered voter.Kansas


Then, get ready to canvas and vote like people’s lives depend on it.

Cause it does.


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