I Went to the Opening of KC’s Shake Shack Because I’m Crazy

When it was announced that Shake Shack was coming to Kansas City, you would’ve thought Christ himself was descending upon the Plaza.​In short, people got excited.
Don’t believe me? This was the line at 6 p.m. 6 p.m.!
Not pictured: me, overly excited and hungry

And that was just indoors. It rained like the weather was openly mocking California and people still braved the storms and waited outside.

How do I know? Uh… hehe. Funny you should ask.

​Yup, I was there.

Just about everyone who knows me is probably shaking their heads in disbelief. “Seriously, Maggie? You hate crowds, loud noises and places with terrible parking. And you went on opening day?!”

​Of course I did! I’m crazy!

Needless to say, Shake Shack and I are very close.

​My first ever trip to the burger joint was this June (late to the party, I know.) My job had sent me to a one day conference in Chicago. Since breakfast and lunch were provided, I was looking for a quick stop in case I got hungry going to or from the airport. Shake Shack was a five minute walk from my hotel.


Oh man, it was bliss. I’ve been impatiently waiting its KC arrival ever since.

If you’re a local and haven’t had these amazing burgers, it tastes like a combo of Culver’s and unforked. If you’re not a local… I have no comparisons.

This is what dreeeeaaaams are made of

I know it’s never smart to go to the opening day of anything. The crowds are insane and the online ordering apps never work.

Here’s the thing, the amount of people here (as you saw) were nuts. But my boyfriend and I waited maybe 20 minutes in line. Another 15 or so for our food. The staff were impressively up to speed and so nice. So, so, so nice. I really can’t stress that enough. Some people thrive in chaos and they all work at 239 W. 47th Street.

Anyways, after all this time (two whole months) I really wanted to see if I had remembered the legendary chains food properly. Had I overhyped it?

Short answer: no.

​Longer answer: Noooooooooooooooo!

When your food is more photogenic than you are

I love burgers so much. I have a running list of my top five. Shake Shack is officially number 1. (List includes unforked, Winstead’s, Culver’s and Burg & Barrel. Fight me).

So thicc

My poor primary care doctor. As if my cholesterol wasn’t already concerning enough.

In short, sometimes it pays to be the weirdo who stands in line on opening day for a burger, fries and a concrete. In addition to good food, we met other folks who had dined at other Shake Shack locations (Vegas and New York to name a few) and a baby waved at me while I was waiting for my order. All in all, a good visit. I’m so going again this weekend.

God help us all if In-n-Out ever comes to Kansas City.


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