Meal planning: and other adult-type things I’m relatively okay at doing

Under the special skills list on my resume, I do my best to highlight that I’m a jack of all trades and a master of fun. I know basic programming, AP-style writing, graphic design, and mildly hilarious stand up comedy routines.

But what about those non-work related skills? The adult-y ones. The ones you call your mom up to brag about?

I managed to boil two eggs this morning without burning my apartment complex down, but I can’t put that on a resume… I assume. Plus, I thought ahead enough to save one for an egg salad sandwich at lunch! Maybe not resume worthy, but certainly worth a text to my mom. So on that note, I’ll continue to boast to you lovely readers about all my probably passable, somewhat satisfactory adult-ing life skills.

1. Occasionally striking the appropriate balance between marathoning “Chopped” and actually studying.
Somewhat more challenging seeing as Netflix added five seasons (Seasons, like food, get it?! Hahaha… someone date me.) and sometimes it’s hard to turn my head away. I have kicked the habit of watching until 3 a.m. though, and I’m sure my neighbors are thankful. Nothing wakes one up faster quite like hearing, “Goddammit Brad you have 3 minutes left! You can’t seriously be creating a reduction now! PLATE YOUR FOOD, BRAD!

2. Not eating Ramen every night.

Sometimes I eat Spaghettio’s.

3. Ignoring the prompts to update my iOS system with less regularity because I’m now slightly less averse to the hellscape that is change.

Baby steps.

4. Creating an actual email signature for work-related messages.

I mean, look at this beauty.

Maggie Stanton
Senior | Public Relations/Communication Studies
Communications Assistant | The Office of Assessment
Feature Writing Intern | CECD
Kansas State University

Says a lot about me as a person; I’m employed, have at least enough direction to decide on a major, and enjoy reasonable data usage as evidenced by an in-use email address. Killin’ it.

5. Went to Target to buy a legitimate trash can with a cover so I can hide the fact that I ate 5 Fruit Roll-Ups in 23 minutes.

Sometimes being an adult means admitting to your mistakes and owning your imperfections. Other times it means dropping $19.99 plus sales tax on a simplehuman studio 10 Liter Profile Step Trash Can and blaming the ensuing sugar crash on finals week. Plus, the brushed silver is pretty.

Hmmm, maybe I should update my special skills section. After Ted tells the audience which chefs are going to the dessert round, of course.


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