Out of Context Classroom Assignments

It was halfway through my final paper for my management course that I realized one glaring sentence in particular looked suspicious out of context.So I did what any grad student does when presented with red flags… bothered another student to see if they too were experiencing an odd sentence or two.

“I’m referencing ‘Matilda’ in my final paper,” I immediately messaged to fellow classmate Emma. “It just felt right but anyone who just reads the first paragraph is gonna get real confused.”

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my past academic assignments are a treasure trove for out of context confusion. And since I’m not selfish (usually), I’d like to share my bizarre findings with you all, sans explanation. Have fun unpacking all this!

“This is an extreme example, but let’s examine the leadership of Hitler.”

—MBA 524 Principles of Organizational Management ​
“Parents across the state of Kansas are now seriously reconsidering sending their sons and daughters to a public university, well done!”
—MC 625 Media Relations
“They should sue.”
—MBA 514 Legal Environment of Business


“Shoppers are greeted by a welcoming cat, as much of an employee as those who stock the shelves.”
—MC 598 Travel and Tourism
“If all goes according to our plan, public institutions in the state of Kansas will cease to exist.”
–MC 625 Media Relations
“By dismantling Harris’s argument, Ben Affleck then strengthens his own, portraying himself as the more credible rhetor.”
—COMM 431 Rhetorical Criticism
“Forget mining for gold! Mine for Bitcoin instead.”
—MBA 531 Global Business Environment
“To keep tweets cohesive, but also ad in a humorous side, we added several hashtags referencing the famous Wine Tasting course every senior attempts to add.”
— MC 280 PR Writing
“Brexit beef exports have U.S. farmers smelling bull.”
—MBA 531 Global Business Environment
“Bradley Cooper perfectly embodies this theory.”
—COMM 331 Theories of Human Communication
“We’ve provided it in the form of #MemeMonday, where a meme is posted of either Dr. Barb or her cat communicating an important message about advising.”
— MC 280 PR Writing
Any questionable content from your homework? Don’t be selfish, share with the class!


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