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top 10 places i wanna see before i die

Top 10 Places I Want to See Before I Die

The average American woman lives to be about 82, if you believe what Wikipedia tells you. Although, sometimes I think my current candy corn consumption

Industries Millennials Can Kill Next

Do any of the above headlines look familiar? Of course they do, you godless industry murderers!When us Millennials aren’t eating avocado toast, drowning in student

The Best 4 Months of My Life

I’m 23, which many would argue is far too young to be looking back fondly on anything. By all standards, I’m barely an adult. A

5 Things I Learned on the Job Hunt

After leaving K-State in mid-December, I found myself in the very common position of having +1 degree but negative job.Technically, it was 0 job, but

20 Lies You Learn in Your 20s

TLDR; we’re all struggling. 1. You never stop getting acne. “Why am I 26 and still getting zits?! I thought this shit ended in high

Oh my God why is finding a job so hard!

A poem… kind of. What do you mean this is entry-level?! It’s says you need; -5 years of experience, preferably in an agency-Knowledge of SEO

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