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My 5 Favorite (Positive) Twitter Accounts

Twitter can be a dumpster fire, but these 5 wonderful accounts more than make up for it. Add them to your timeline and watch as the laughs roll in!

Easing the Back to Office Adjustment

5 Ways to Ease the Adjustment Back to the Office

As we navigate a post-vaccine world, many of us have started to return to the office after working from home during covid-19. Here’s how to ease the adjustment back to the office.

Some thoughts on (finally) graduating

Much like the folks who had a virtual courthouse wedding and waited on a reception, I finished my final MBA class in December of 2019 and just recently attended my graduation ceremony.

What I Actually Accomplished in 2020

Normally I wouldn’t even mention these things, but 2020 is the year of celebrating the small tasks. So here’s the list of what I accomplished in 2020.

Chalk Art Compilation | Quarantine Art

I’m not one for exercise, but lately, the thing that’s been keeping me sane during quarantine is daily (social-distant compliant) walks through the neighborhood. The

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