Useful Career Technology for Individuals With Disabilities

Today’s guest post comes from Craig Brown of Your Career Boost. Brown, an HR expert, provides his expertise on disability-friendly technology

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If you have a disability, modern technology and innovation continues to produce more tools than ever before to help disabled individuals better navigate the professional world. With apps for a variety of impairments and disabilities, tech companies are increasingly working to develop new ways to help those who are disabled to achieve their career goals.

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Useful Career Technology for Individuals With Disabilities

Mobile devices

In order to access the best technology currently available, it is a good idea to have a reliable and up-to-date smartphone so that you can easily connect with co-workers, employers, and clients. In addition, a newer-model smartphone will be compatible with apps that are available to enhance communication and ease of use. If you are in need of an upgrade, there are a number of high-quality devices on the market. Most current phones feature wireless charging. A wireless charger can ensure convenience and that your phone has all the power it needs.

iPhone XS Max

Apple’s iPhone XS Max provides exceptional visual sharpness and brightness on a sizeable 6.5-inch OLED touchscreen. With its multi-lens wide-angle camera, the iPhone XS Max is an excellent tool for taking accurate and detailed photos and videos. In addition, the iPhone’s advanced learning chip enhances and customizes your experience for the utmost convenience, and high-speed processing allows you to access your phone quickly and easily, so you can keep in touch with your customers and co-workers without any hassle.

Android Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung offers an alternative smartphone option with similar capabilities in the Galaxy S10 Plus, with high-quality visuals on an OLED display and high-speed internet access. The phone features easy access fingerprint security, and a high-quality wide-angle camera for exceptional videos and photos. The Galaxy S10 Plus features seamless WiFi transitions so that you can access your communication apps no matter where you are, without interruption.

Innovative Assistive Apps

Tech developers have worked to develop a wide range of apps that can be used to enhance communication for people who have hearing or vision difficulties. In addition, there are a number of options that facilitate ease of use for individuals who may need assistance with precision activities or wheelchair access. Below are some of the great assistive apps available on the market today.

Voice Dream Reader

The Voice Dream Reader app is a useful tool for people with blindness, decreased vision, dyslexia, autism, and impaired motor function. The app is a talk-to-text tool that allows users to hear text from web pages, text messages, and documents in multiple formats. There is even an option to scan physical documents into a readable PDF format so you can read on the go. Voice Dream Reader offers numerous options for visual and audio function customization, including word pronunciation, pauses, reading speed, font size and color, line and word spacing, and annotations. 


uSound is a personal hearing amplification app that can be used by individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss in order to amplify nearby sounds. The app is used with headphones to assist users with listening in classrooms, meetings, movies, or other settings where they may be unable to hear clearly. The app conducts a hearing test in order to customize the amplification based on the needs of the user, but is not a hearing aid. If you believe that you have hearing impairment, it is important to speak to a professional in order to ensure that you are receiving correct treatment.


Wheelmap is a great help for wheelchair users who want to find out which nearby businesses are wheelchair accessible before they go. With this information, wheelchair users are better able to plan for their needs. In a business setting, this app can be especially helpful for planning meetings and choosing event locations.

Tecla Access

Tecla Access is an excellent tool for individuals with limited movement or physical disabilities. It allows users to control their mobile and electronic devices through the use of cutting edge technology, including joysticks, buddy buttons, and voice control. Tecla Access provides users with tools to help them work independently with easier communication and greater freedom.

With all of these amazing technological advancements, it is easier than ever for individuals with disabilities to establish and maintain highly successful careers across all industries. 

Craig Brown

Craig Brown

Craig Brown has worked in HR for several years and has plans to launch his own recruiting agency. He thrives on helping others achieve their career dreams and started Your Career Boost to share the best job-related resources on the web.


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