21 Travel Photos That Wouldn’t Be Possible Today

Lately I’ve been scrolling through a lot of my pre-covid travel photos. Why? Hard to say. I guess I just like to punish myself with memories from an ignorant time.

Not for nothing, there are so many photos that gave my mask-wearing, socially-distancing, hand-washing little heart a scare. There’s so much that just wouldn’t be possible today. It makes it strange to look back on it.

In the interest of sharing, I’ve combined the 21 worst offenders. Here are my 21 travel photos that wouldn’t be feasible in today’s environment.

The line to get into Claude Monet's house had zero social-distancing policies back in 2017.
Versaille's Hall of Mirrors just makes me anxious. So many exposed faces!
If I had met Margaret Atwood like this today, I'd kick my own ass then quarantine for 14 days.
Everyone in Venice's St. Mark's Square has now been replaces with pigeons.
An outdoor Christmas market with nary a mask in sight. 2017 was a different time.
Yeah, Christmas markets are basically death now. Happy holidays!
This 2019 Costa Rican parade now looks like a super spreader event sans-context.
Believe me when I say there is no mask on Earth that can withstand the sheer force of this rollercoaster.
An UNDERGROUND jazz club with PACKED tables of mask-less people EATING and TALKING?! Wow, I miss 2017.
Budapest's ruin bars are cool but I can't imagine that they're operating as normal these days.
Oh, and the thermal baths. Not pictured: the saunas. Yeah these things are breeding grounds right now.
Disney at Christmas time combined with an overflow of small children makes me feel ill just thinking about it.
Nashville 4th of July 2018. At least everyone is outside. Little do they know what is to come.
I can't believe I took an underground tour where there was like, zero air circulation probably.
I can't believe I did it again in 2018.
Oh no that was also the year I discovered how cool caves are.
You know, caves? Hella underground with NO AIR CIRCULATION?!
Speaking of underground, Poland's most popular salt mine probably works way differently these days.
How do opera's even happen now? I definitely sneezed more than once during this show in 2017.
Shake Shack's opening day in Kansas City. Absolute chaos. My biggest fear was my food getting cold. Hindsight man, it's 20/20.


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