Blogging Photography Class: Part seven

This week was midterms week and I honestly have no words for how I feel. Luckily, I have gifs…
Anyways… let’s see how I did!
Outside Nichols Hall in a snowstorm
Fun fact: a week ago it was 80 degrees. Funny how that works. I was lucky enough to have my camera on me to capture the snowflakes. They melted like two hours later because the temperature went up. *sigh* that’s Kansas.
Rally House at night
This photo took quite a bit of messing around with the white balance. I love Aggieville at night, and this sign has been around who knows how long. The idea was to give it a somewhat surreal feeling. Almost like you’re in a dream, aka everyone in the ‘ville on Fake Patty’s Day.
Night sky
Keeping with the theme of night photography, I was pretty determined to get the hang of photographing the moon. It’s challenge, but again, I dig the surreal vibe. This was outside my apartment, it’s a lovely thing to see before I head inside.
Basement of Auntie Mae’s Parlor

A brief snapshot of where open mic goes down every second Tuesday of the month. I love this place so much, it holds the best memories. The haziness wasn’t intentional, that’s just how the place looks.​And speaking of open mic…

This last one’s just for fun, midterm unrelated. Jeremy’s satirical take of Superman… probably. When he gets his own Netflix special, I want this to be the cover. Make it happen, universe!


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