Blogging Photography Class: Part six

This week features both the best and worst photos I’ve ever taken. Capturing motion blur is like that. It was endlessly frustrating and also incredibly cool. Much like the plot to “Inception.”
Going for a run
Let’s start with the worst one. Props to my brother for modeling again. No one tell him that out of the 50+ shots, only one made the cut and it isn’t even that great. Background motion blur will forever be the bane of my existence. I messed with every setting and tried every motion feasible. Still, nothing fantastic. Part of me wants to submit this to the photoshop subreddit and let them go crazy. My brother’s pose lends itself well to some superhero settings.
Anderson Avenue at night

Here we go, folks. I did it. This is my best photo so far and I love it. So if you think it sucks… maybe tell me next week. This stoplight is how I get to class, and this street always looks a bit more/glowy surreal at night. I felt a bit creepy photographing cars at this hour, but look at how cool a 2 second shutter speed is!

While we’re at it, some of my favorite photos were the ones Kerri and I took during a class exercise. Kerri looked awesome but won’t let me pst the ones I took because scary Internet people. So instead y’all get to look at me doing my best “High School Musical” poster pose.

Going 0 to 100 real quick.
Next few weeks are going to be filled with light painting and animation. And also, spring break because I need naps like woah.


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