A definitive explanation of the best Disney princess

I’m the first to admit that I’m a grown adult woman who pays taxes and mildly understands the concept of a low-cost index fund who still watches Disney princess movies.

When I was a kid, I adored these movies. I used to draw up my own princess characters and invent stories that usually involved a poison strawberry because I didn’t understand the concept of plagiarism. All in good fun.

With the new “Mohana” movie just around the corner and my love for Disney princesses ever lingering, you may be wondering… who is my favorite princess? Glad you didn’t ask!

It’s Tiana. Like, this isn’t even a question.

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Tiana is essentially who I aspire to be. I trust her with my life, my family, and the fate of the country. #Tiana2016.And if she’s not your favorite Disney princess OH MY GOD WHY NOT?!

Allow me to explain.

For one, Tiana is hardworking. She has the work ethic employers dream of. I like to think she’s the type to show up five minutes early to every shift and show the newbies the ropes. She juggles two jobs like the badass she is and doesn’t even break a sweat.

She also has a dream, and a plan to make it happen. Owning a restaurant is cool enough, but she’s up everyday working hard to make it happen. (Side note: thank God this story took place decades ago. If Tiana were a Millennial in this day and age, she’d be stuck with crippling student debt unable to own a business or retire. But that’s another post.)

I also really dig Disney’s new take on romance. Tiana’s the type who doesn’t need a prince to rescue her, but if she likes one enough, he can join her for the ride. She’s got a pretty neat effect on Naveen too; he changes his selfish ways because he admires her spirit. And so do I.

In short, Tiana is cartoon perfection. She’s feisty, reliable, and has a killer alto-soprano.

So if you’re still not convinced that Tiana is the greatest Disney princess, then we can’t be friends. We can probably be coworkers. I just won’t invite you to my laser tag birthday party.


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