9 Things All College Students Have Definitely Experienced During Finals Week

I just emerged from my last final as an undergrad, and it looked a little something like this…

I kid. I’m only Beyoncé in my dreams.

That being said, finals week wreaks havoc and hell on me every year. I feel like I start out the week like this…

…and end on this…

God help me when it’s time for grad school.

In honor of this hellish student rite of passage, I’m going a bit Buzzfeed-y this time around, and getting real about finals week, listicle style.

1. Finals week calories don’t count

What’s the nutritional value of three Red Bulls and whatever’s left in the vending machine? Whatever it is, it got you that semi-relevant 8 page research paper that may or may not have spelling errors you stopped caring about long ago.

2. Alternatively, the people who do manage to eat healthy, get enough sleep and exercise regularly are the ones that will survive the zombie apocalypse.

Bonus points if they’re also engineering or architecture majors because… how?

3. There’s very little in this universe that will make you give up your precious library seat

It’s every man for themselves. You could be holding the winning lottery ticket outside of Hale and I’m still not moving from my spot. But if you have the answer key, by all means hit me up.

4. You’ve never known fear until you’re the first person to turn in their final…

I’m either a genius or I’ve colossally screwed up. Which one is it?!

5. …or get B for five answers in a row.

Five in a row? Oh no!

6. You’ve become a pro at napping in the most obscure locations.

7. You start questioning all of the choices in life that led you to this moment.

What if I’m not meant to be in this major? What if I’d be better off as a lonely sheep herder in Iceland? Do they even have sheep? Oh God, what am I doing?!

8. You hope the person you admire is watching you struggle.

9. And when all is said and done, you feel like you just defeated Lord Voldemort.

Good luck on your finals, everyone! #TryNotToDie


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