Blogging Photography Class: Part five

This week’s lesson was a bit off kilter. We left the Auto setting forever (thank God) in exchange for messing with white balance. I took the same photo eight times, each with a different white balance setting. The result? Chocolate chip cookies looking fine as hell.

The white balance settings (in order of appearance); custom, flash, white fluorescent, tungsten, cloudy, shade, daylight, auto. The cookies; delicious. I could eat/bake these all day.

I wanted to photograph specifically in my apartment because the lighting sucks. Seriously. Until I bought a lighted mirror my makeup looked like it was done by someone who had never seen blush before. It was ridiculous. Cue me trying to learn/correct the problem with my camera. And eat some goodies while I’m at it.

​Can’t promise next week’s assignment will have food, guess you’ll have to tune in to find out!


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