Blogging Photography Class: Part three

This week, we tackled three composition elements at once. Which basically means that today is your lucky day… you’re getting three photos for the price of one! (So… it’s triple free?)
Staircase inside Nichols Hall

Leading Lines

I have a love affair with the stairs inside Nichols Hall. They’re so weird and artistic I feel like they belong in the art department instead. I had to crouch pretty low to get all this in. Worth the leg pain.

Vent outside my apartment

Pattern, Texture, and Shape

I’m more or less revisiting the “photograph the ugly stuff” concept from last week. This giant vent (seriously, it’s gotta be at least 10 feet long) gets in my way almost every morning. So, ya know, had to photograph it up close and personal.

Looking over a shoulder

Point of View

Props to my brother for begrudgingly agreeing to be my photoshoot model. I took about 50 photos and only one made the cut, so don’t tell him. I like this photo mostly because I feel like we’ve all done this at some point in our lives. Right? No… just me? Cool. *runs away*

Next week we’re exploring depth of field, and I’m exploring an underground bar for some sick shots. See ya next week!


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